"gruelling week" tradução em português


"gruelling week" em português

gruelling week
  • semana cansativa
  • semana extenuante

Exemplos de uso para "gruelling week" em inglês

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He said he was feeling relieved after a gruelling week.
This was the first of five meetings in what will be a gruelling week.
But while he may well have the stomach to fight on, the past gruelling week has left him wobbly at the knees.
It heralds the start of the most gruelling week in the race.
It was a gruelling week for investors as share markets around the globe plunged, sparking what was one of the most turbulent beginnings to a new year in history.
Aleh admits it was a gruelling week of racing, not helped by a venue that had a bizarre infestation of water plants across the race courses.
It is time to leave those swanky cars and humble two-wheelers behind and enjoy the mornings with activities that promise to leave you rejuvenated for the gruelling week ahead.
In one gruelling week, she visited three different continents.

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