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"gruelling session" em português

gruelling session
  • sessão cansativa
  • sessão extenuante

Exemplos de uso para "gruelling session" em inglês

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Cuddling her after bad news or a gruelling session of treatment alleviated some of the pain.
It's been a gruelling session of over three hours.
Not only was it challenging physically, but also mentally, and the achievement of our young group getting through this gruelling session will hold us in great stead.
It had already been a very tough week and there were rumours going around that we might finish off with an extremely gruelling session.
For two-and-a-half hours, the gruelling session of 5-on-5 games and red- vs white-shirt scrimmages leaves the players gasping for air.
The gorgeous soap star looked especially motivated as she was being put through a gruelling session by a buff personal trainer.
He displayed utmost maturity despite having to go through the gruelling session that also saw the end of his captain.
After a gruelling session, they were given daal and two chapatis, clearly inadequate food for most.
It's a cold day and you have just finished a gruelling session at the gym, sweating away on an elliptical cross-trainer.

Traduções parecidas para gruelling session em Português

gruelling adjetivo
session substantivo
plenary session substantivo
executive session substantivo
photo session substantivo
training session substantivo
in session advérbio