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"gruelling schedule" em português

gruelling schedule
  • cronograma extenuante

Exemplos de uso para "gruelling schedule" em inglês

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It has been a gruelling schedule, and there is an argument to say that they haven't handled it particularly well.
It is a gruelling schedule, but one he genuinely enjoys.
Jim kept a gruelling schedule, but every meeting with him, even if it was with his accountants, was full of laughter.
Searle's efforts to get fit and be selected once more involved a gruelling schedule of tests and training racing.
Tatyanna's regime included surgery to remove the primary tumour, the harvest of bone marrow in preparation for a transplant, then a gruelling schedule of chemotherapy.
And despite the gruelling schedule, the reception to the show and love for the source material make it easy to get motivated.
She was only 19 when she started touring, and unprepared for the gruelling schedule.
Kemp has a gruelling schedule as she divides her time between racing and study.
It's a gruelling schedule when you're repeating the same process seven days a week.

Traduções parecidas para gruelling schedule em Português

gruelling adjetivo
schedule substantivo
behind schedule advérbio
behind schedule adjetivo
to schedule verbo
on schedule advérbio
time schedule substantivo
to fall behind schedule verbo
according to schedule