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"gruelling race" em português

gruelling race
  • corrida cansativa
  • corrida extenuante

Exemplos de uso para "gruelling race" em inglês

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After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year, the 39-year-old postponed her life-saving surgery so that she could take part in the gruelling race.
But she is most concerned about being mentally and emotionally fit for the gruelling race.
In all, just 42 of the 144 starters survived the gruelling race.
Less than half of the total participants usually finish the gruelling race.
Ramatladi (18) will be one of the main focuses of the 10th edition of the gruelling race, and all he aims to do is cross the finish line.
There are toilets, showers, security and of course food to keep the cyclists going during the gruelling race.
Both sisters showed the punishing effects of the gruelling race in the poolside interview as they winced and gasped in pain from their exertions.
He completed the gruelling race in 11:29.56, and placed 75th in his division.
Sue won the gruelling race in 3:09:13 which was quite a feat considering her injury.

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gruelling adjetivo
race substantivo
to race verbo
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human race substantivo
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motor race substantivo
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