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"gruelling event" em português

gruelling event
  • evento cansativo

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A top field of international elite athletes is lining up alongside a record age-group field for the 10th anniversary edition of the gruelling event.
Racers are on their own during the gruelling event, facing everything that is thrown at them.
Sixty-seven marathoners started the run but only 60 completed the gruelling event.
Without a proven general classification rider or a team time-trial to target, the nine-man squad will instead have their sights set on particular stages of the gruelling event.
The gruelling event will see him swim 1.2 miles, bicycle 56 miles, and run 13 miles.
This gruelling event takes the small crafts along one of the most treacherous coastlines in the world.
Her performance has put an end to any questions of whether she could rebound from having a baby to once again find success in track and field's most gruelling event.
I stood on the side-line and observed this gruelling event happening in front of me.
Technically an exercise rather than competition, those who complete the gruelling event are awarded one of four grades -- gold, silver, bronze, or passing.
Passion for running is a must for competing in this gruelling event, he says.

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