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"gruelling course" em português

gruelling course
  • curso cansativo
  • curso extenuante

Exemplos de uso para "gruelling course" em inglês

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Many slip running shoes into snowshoes and run the gruelling course, flying and slipping their way down the switchback trail.
She also made her way to the finish line, where she was filled with a sense of pride as the competitors achieved their goals of completing the gruelling course.
She also revealed her frustration at accusations that she hadn't completed the gruelling course.
Skiers reach speeds of 160kph, but even so, it takes around two and a half minutes to complete the gruelling course.
He finished the gruelling course in one hour 25 minutes and 31 seconds.
The duo cut out the gruelling course in 12 hours 44 minutes, prevailing comfortably after being ahead of their closest challengers by around 10 minutes after the first day.
Her whole existence was focused on getting through the gruelling course of chemo and grasping as many simple pleasures as she could along the way.
Participants are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment, including a swim in the river after a gruelling course.
They were a determined group, smiling for most of the gruelling course and jubilant at the finish line.

Traduções parecidas para gruelling course em Português

gruelling adjetivo
course substantivo
of course advérbio
vocational course substantivo
to keep on course verbo
degree course substantivo
to go off course verbo
advanced course substantivo
damp-proof course substantivo
foundation course substantivo
golf course substantivo
in due course
induction course substantivo