"grudging acceptance" tradução em português


"grudging acceptance" em português

grudging acceptance
  • aceitação de rancor
  • aceitação relutante

Exemplos de uso para "grudging acceptance" em inglês

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Melbourne gives the feeling of a grudging acceptance of what has been forced on it, under the weight of strong laws.
There's a grudging acceptance of the grim cycles that war perpetuates.
More employers are gracious providers but some show grudging acceptance.
Most employers are gracious providers but some show grudging acceptance.
But as he ponders whether he is in the trough of a mid-life crisis, there is now a grudging acceptance that he may not always have been in the right.
For those that they target, there is a grudging acceptance that blog scrutiny is here to stay.
His threats sound like the harsh reality of grudging acceptance.
What most received was grudging acceptance if not outright hostility and racist violence.
Zimmerman's is a grudging acceptance -- his attitude amounts to an existential shrug.
Facebook's history mirrors that of other imperialist states -- frequent periods of radical expansion, followed by intense conflict, grudging acceptance, and then full-throated proletarian enthusiasm.

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grudging adjetivo
acceptance substantivo
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