"grudge match" tradução em português


"grudge match" em português

grudge match
  • correspondências de rancor
  • jogo rancor

Exemplos de uso para "grudge match" em inglês

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Any time these two teams clash, it is a grudge match.
In the build-up, it was hyped as a grudge match.
It's like a grudge match; we are actually longing for the day that we could play them again and take back a good result.
Rybczynski examines the relationship between form and function, which can be a love affair or a grudge match.
We'll hold a press conference where we'll confirm that they'll take part in a grudge match.
This is a grudge match between two very good teams.
It's the grudge match to end all grudge matches.
Yes this is not a war or a grudge match or anything like that.
This is more of a grudge match than anything else for the two sides whose rivalry has taken another twist.

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