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"growth results" em português

growth results
  • resultados de crescimento

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Economic growth results from producing more goods and services (not from redistributing existing income), and that requires productivity growth and growth in the labor supply.
Keynesian economics postulates that economic growth results from an increase in aggregate demand.
Things have value because we say they have value, and economic growth results from creating value in the world.
Economic growth results in a rising middle class and demand for less corruption, more reforms and lasting democratic change.
Higher economic growth results in better income being earned by the people of a country, allowing them to spend more on commodities.
Yet, socially unregulated growth results in more inequality, more cars, more pollution, more ill health and injustice.
It says that rapid growth results come from network effects, where each new user makes the service more valuable for everyone else.
We're confident our technology offering will continue to develop and deliver strong growth results as we progress into the future.
Afterwards, new collagen growth results in further tightening.
The correlation is 0.75, and the story is a familiar one -- we expect that higher productivity growth results in higher real wage growth.

Exemplos de uso para "growth results" em português

EnglishA 1% drop in growth results in 20 million people falling into poverty.
Uma queda de 1% no crescimento resulta em 20 milhões de pessoas a caírem na pobreza.
EnglishMy third remark, and a point rightly noted in the report, is that, despite this overall increase in growth and economic results, poverty continues to be a problem.
A minha terceira observação, e o relatório constata-o com razão, é que, apesar desta melhoria global do crescimento e dos resultados económicos, a pobreza continua a representar um problema.

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