"growth dividend" tradução em português


"growth dividend" em português

growth dividend
  • dividendo de crescimento

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He said additional country-specific structural reforms have to go hand-in-hand to reap the growth dividend.
More than offsetting bracket creep, that would add to the growth dividend.
Those with scarce talents, skills and abilities are gaining the lion's share of the growth dividend.
But there's nothing inevitable about a youth bulge producing a growth dividend.
However, all fiscal reforms are not equal in their impact on a growth dividend.
The growth dividend is not small because of the compensation to low income earners.
The growth dividend is somewhere between nil and very small.
This would reduce output volatility by about 15 percent, which in turn brings about a growth dividend of 0.3 percentage points annually.
By now slamming "tax cuts for multinationals", it dismisses the growth dividend that a lower impost on corporate capital would deliver.
If the tax cuts were larger and the compensation smaller, the growth dividend would have been larger.

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