"growth contributed" tradução em português


"growth contributed" em português

growth contributed
  • o crescimento contribuiu
  • crescimento contribuiu

Exemplos de uso para "growth contributed" em inglês

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Although demand growth has been high for some time now, the recent sustained period of high global growth contributed to depleting global inventories, particularly of grains.
That included government finances, as higher growth contributed to revenue buoyancy.
This annual growth contributed to a 47 percent increase in the number of charter schools over the seven years since 2006-2007.
Researchers found that population aging contributed to an estimated 55 percent increase in cardiovascular disease deaths globally and population growth contributed to a 25 percent increase.
Acquisitive growth accounted for 29% of the 38% growth while organic growth contributed 9%.
One insightful way to look at breadth is the percentage of growth contributed by a handful of the largest stocks.
Weak private sector credit growth contributed to the decline.
Among factors tested, biofilm growth contributed the most bias to gene expression quantification.

Exemplos de uso para "growth contributed" em português

EnglishOver the years the free movement of capital has contributed to growth in Europe and in the world at large.
Ao longo dos anos, a livre circulação de capitais contribuiu para o crescimento na Europa e em todo o mundo.

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