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"growth chart" em português

growth chart
  • gráfico de crescimento

Exemplos de uso para "growth chart" em inglês

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As well as a photo album, he had a growth chart -- we were soon reading it in awe.
Elections are not about my ambitions, if it was about an ordinary party, then yes we would have strategised a growth chart.
Head circumference, body length, and body weight will be measured and the numbers plotted on a growth chart.
The countries with some of the highest rates of population growth in the world dominate the growth chart.
It's only when you plot their weight on a growth chart that you can prove they're growing normally.
It's a long term investment that enables an employee to create a successful growth chart for him.
The mineral-stained canyon walls are a growth chart in reverse, showing where the lake surface has been.
And his development has been uneven, a growth chart mixed with several scintillating catches for big gains and missed opportunities for greater production.

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