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"grown leaps and" em português

grown leaps and
  • saltos crescidos e

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Expectation of the trade and industries from our professionals has grown leaps and bounds.
Google's video hosting service has grown leaps and bounds in its short 8-year life.
His game has grown leaps and bounds from when he first came in the league.
Secondly, our cinema has grown leaps and bounds but most of our theatres are technologically still way behind.
The concert has grown leaps and bounds yearly and forging ahead we are hoping to ignite government and corporate interest to help take this initiative to higher heights.
The creative process has grown leaps and bounds and has expanded in terms of its purpose and its contributions to human civilization.
I really feel like we have grown leaps and bounds from the first record.
Over the last few years, automotive electronics and wireless technologies have grown leaps and bounds.
They've grown leaps and bounds over the course of the season's opening month.

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