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"growing wealth" em português

growing wealth
  • riqueza crescente

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And despite the pitfalls of moving abroad, the attractions of emerging markets with young populations, growing wealth and nascent retail sectors are compelling.
This was just a pittance in comparison of his growing wealth from his books and his sold-out tours, which generated about $55 million.
It really is about preserving and growing wealth at a reasonable rate.
It's further evidence of the growing wealth chasm and how it dictates our choices.
And she allowed that her family's growing wealth had left her "kind of far removed" from the experience of the middle class.
The developed countries meanwhile experienced the credit expansion on account of growing wealth which opened itself up to more leverage and an investible surplus.
Know what type of investments will protect your growing wealth.
When growing wealth is more evenly distributed across income brackets, we often observe an increase in life satisfaction.
He warned of the damage it faces from growing wealth inequality, and resentment among the have-nots of those who flaunt luxury watches and jewellery.
Growing wealth inequality requires measures to limit the extremes of wealth and poverty.

Exemplos de uso para "growing wealth" em português

EnglishNevertheless, the reality is that a growing share of the wealth generated in Portugal is being transferred abroad.
Todavia a realidade é que parcelas crescentes da riqueza produzida em Portugal são transferidas para o estrangeiro.
EnglishA considerable proportion of the population is poor, a situation felt all the more acutely by them, faced as they are by the growing wealth of the rest of society.
Uma parte importante da sociedade é pobre e sente-o tanto mais porquanto essa pobreza contrapõese ao enriquecimento do resto da sociedade.

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