"growing resentment" tradução em português


"growing resentment" em português

growing resentment
  • ressentimento crescente
  • crescente ressentimento

Exemplos de uso para "growing resentment" em inglês

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But this pressure also creates a growing resentment among hospital doctors that they are not being paid for the work they are actually doing.
Now they also face a growing resentment among the residents of the village bordering the camp.
It is also a reminder of the growing resentment of the influx of mainland buyers for everything from luxury brands to luxury apartments.
Specifically, it's not easy to quantify the growing resentment of white males who believe they're slowly losing their millennia-long grip on societal power.
However, developments across the world show that there is growing resentment against capitalism's new guise of neoliberalism.
Sisi recognises that there is growing resentment against his rule and his government.
There is a growing resentment amongst motorists regarding what appears to be an ever-increasing cost of insurance policies.
This has created an entitlement culture which has generated a growing resentment amongst those who go to work and find it difficult to manage.
Projects that are destined for failure are not highlighted by concerned parties, and growing resentment can affect the health of staff.
There was a growing resentment of the fact that the non-local media seemed to be waiting for that final funeral to be held.

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