"growing reliance on" tradução em português


"growing reliance on" em português

growing reliance on
  • crescente dependência em

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But even activists admit that the growing reliance on our devices makes it an uphill battle to fight.
But the growing reliance on databases and software to draw conclusions has raised privacy concerns before.
But those words are not backed up by the stats, which paint a bleak picture of the growing reliance on bank medical staff.
Faculty members at many universities across the country have complained in recent years about the growing reliance on non-tenured instructors, who often make less money.
It's clear the growing reliance on technology is creating new challenges for all members of the family.
The growing reliance on mobile devices is creating new opportunities and tensions throughout the technology industry.
The growing reliance on temps subverts one of the strongest incentives for companies to protect workers.
The growing reliance on the cloud as an enabler means that traditional security solutions are no longer able to keep pace.
This willingness to try new approaches, coupled with a desire to replace gas-powered vehicles, might explain the growing reliance on animals.

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