"growing realization that" tradução em português


"growing realization that" em português

growing realization that
  • crescente percepção de que
  • crescente realização de que

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A month later, the resulting refugee support group is flourishing, but there's also a growing realization that private sponsorship is far from simple.
Firstly, there is now a growing realization that far-right groups who are willing to use violence for political purposes must be marginalized.
His work was informed by a growing realization that these issues were never purely national in character.
However, there is a growing realization that lameness can have a significant impact on beef production as well.
However, these days it seems that there may be a growing realization that virtual life is not all it's cracked up to be.
In conversations with friends, it's clear that there's a growing realization that something is somehow different.
In terms of women's organizations, there is a growing realization that we need men in the equation, which will change that dynamic as well.
Moreover, there is a growing realization that in honour-related cases, exaggerated attempts to accommodate cultural sensitivities are not only often misplaced, but can be dangerous.
Plus, there was a growing realization that there's no real business case for on-demand grocery.

Exemplos de uso para "growing realization that" em português

EnglishAnd today the rapprochement between Italy and Slovenia is progressing to the satisfaction of both sides, and indeed there is a growing realization of the major interests that exist.
E a actual aproximação entre a Itália e a Eslovénia processa-se de modo satisfatório para ambas as partes, sendo cada vez mais evidente a existência de fortes interesses.

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