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"growing presence" em português

growing presence
  • crescente presença
  • presença crescente

Exemplos de uso para "growing presence" em inglês

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Drones are a growing presence in a wide range of fields, including public safety, energy, media, agriculture and security.
It has a growing presence in international markets and is bringing economic opportunity across the country.
Mass spectrometry is an analytic technique with high specificity and a growing presence in laboratory medicine.
Telemedicine, in which patients receive treatment via video calls, also has a growing presence in the industry (see story below).
The military also has a growing presence in the economy mainly through local land grabs and a cozy relationship with global corporations.
Drug-related offences were largely tied to the growing presence of methamphetamines in the city.
It can be an indication of an improving economy, but the growing presence of undocumented foreign workers in the country is worrying local labor groups.
Nadal also cited the growing presence of others in the decision-making process.
Populist politicians overseas have been able to link fears over crime with the growing presence of immigrants and an underclass.
The growing presence of animals of all species in our lives, most obvious with dogs and cats, has changed as societies have evolved.

Exemplos de uso para "growing presence" em português

EnglishEurope can therefore stand as a model of development and social cohesion, internally, and it has a growing presence on the international stage.
A Europa pode, consequentemente, propor-se como modelo de desenvolvimento e de coesão social, a nível interno, e de presença crescente na cena internacional.
EnglishI support the numerous recommendations that you made concerning the policy that the European Union must adopt to tackle China's growing presence in Africa.
Subscrevo as numerosas recomendações que fez relativamente à política que a União Europeia deverá adoptar para responder à crescente presença da China em África.
EnglishThe growing Chinese presence in Africa forces us to adopt a European course of action to cope with the opportunities and new challenges that present themselves as best we can.
A crescente presença chinesa em África obriga-nos a adoptar uma linha de conduta europeia para melhor responder às oportunidades e aos novos desafios em questão.

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