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"growing pollution" em português

growing pollution
  • crescente poluição
  • poluição crescente

Exemplos de uso para "growing pollution" em inglês

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The annual per capita availability of water is decreasing due to increasing population, indiscriminate use and growing pollution.
This collapse would be caused by a combination of resource depletion, overpopulation, and growing pollution.
The algal bloom that usually results during the summer season has been cited as a symptom of the growing pollution in the island brought about by booming tourism.
They also urged people to desist from using polythene which is a major factor for the growing pollution in the river.
He said there was point in keeping a blind eye towards the growing pollution menace owing to grossly inadequate waste disposal mechanism.
The growing pollution level around the globe has also triggered the growth in the demand of air handling units from the residential sector.
He observed that the growing pollution, poor sanitation has been affecting the residents and was a serious matter.
China has announced allocating over three trillion yuan ($489.3 billion) to combat the growing pollution of the country's water and environment.
The increasing stress on freshwater resources brought about by ever-rising demand and profligate use, as well as by growing pollution worldwide, is of very serious concern.
The concern department of the state government despite being apprised of the falling condition of monuments no research have been initiated to prevent the corrosive impact of growing pollution.

Exemplos de uso para "growing pollution" em português

EnglishYet, our seas and oceans are subjected to growing pressure and worrying pollution.
No entanto, os nossos mares e oceanos estão sujeitos a pressões crescentes e a uma poluição preocupante.
Englishdespite the problems, cotton growing may cause less pollution than other industrial crops
a cultura do algodão, apesar dos problemas que apresenta, pode ser menos poluente do que outras culturas industriais;
EnglishTo date, this expansion has posed a major problem for the environment, leading to increasing levels of pollution, growing insecurity and increasing pressure on public space for airports.
Essa expansão tem vindo a constituir um grave problema para o ambiente sob a forma de uma crescente agressão, uma crescente insegurança e uma crescente ocupação do espaço pelos aeroportos.

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