"growing pile of" tradução em português


"growing pile of" em português

growing pile of
  • crescente pilha de
  • pilha crescente de

Exemplos de uso para "growing pile of" em inglês

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Cue: disintegrate with the growing pile of tissue paper on the floor.
Has this just added to the growing pile of reports that supposedly show that the funding was spent appropriately?
His words can be added to the growing pile of moralistic musings by the professorial elite in this country against the sale.
I left my offering with the growing pile of candles, drawings, photographs and flowers and walked back to work.
One expert said this latest finding adds to the growing pile of evidence on the link.
The growing pile of campaign materials made of non-biodegradable materials is expected to turn into a gigantic heap of waste after the campaign period.
The chair was hastily buried in the growing pile of camp ground casualties.
The city does not have enough of the requisite infrastructure to handle the growing pile of solid waste and bigger volumes of liquid waste.
This is a further addition to the growing pile of questions which will have to be dealt with by the legislature or the courts.
A growing pile of flowers nearby included notes paying tribute to her.

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