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"growing minority" em português

growing minority
  • minoria crescente

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Advocates say it ensures quality; a growing minority of drinkers reject that claim, insisting it's just marketing for mediocre beer.
As childless women, we are in the minority -- but it is a growing minority.
The obese are a growing minority, infiltrating all strands of society.
Some of that is admittedly tabloid gibberish, written with a crayon and shouted through a megaphone, but it does still seem to represent a growing minority perspective.
A heavily white country with a growing minority sector, with a history of bigotry straining against a desire for tolerance.
A growing minority is beginning to question the deployment policy.
A growing minority come with all these expectations, but with an additional focus on birds.
I am talking about the growing minority of students who believe they have a right to be free from being offended.
It turns out that states and counties with a history of voting discrimination in 1964 are still trying to suppress the growing minority vote today.

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