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"growing medium" em português

growing medium
  • meio de crescimento

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Use potting compost and sand or perlite as a growing medium.
They attributed the health of their corms to the growing medium.
Nielsen's podcast sales panel explored the progress being made in selling the growing medium and the attempts to move from direct-response to brand advertising.
They expand easily on wetting to create a growing medium of optimum porosity.
It's simply the use of old manga as a growing medium for veggies.
You need a growing medium other than soil, usually rockwool.
It's not suitable as a growing medium on its own.
That is, the growing medium won't react with the nutrients in the solution.
In photo, for instance, the young kids are brought by their parents to experience preparing the growing medium for mushroom spawn.

Exemplos de uso para "growing medium" em português

EnglishMaintaining healthy competition, as has been pointed out, also encourages a growing economy over the medium to long term, and with growth comes employment.
Penso, no entanto, que confundir os objectivos e inserir um objectivo de manutenção do emprego no regulamento sobre as concentrações seria desvirtuá-lo.

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