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"growing list of" em português

growing list of
  • lista crescente de
  • crescente lista de

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A growing list of celebrities has turned veggie.
A growing list of countries has moved to a regulatory solution to address the problems in their credit card industries.
And every month, she sees a newsletter from the local co-ordinating bureau with a growing list of subsidized home daycares that have shut their doors.
And like any city process, there's a growing list of questions that need answers.
And, as a growing list of victims shared their stories, clandestine activity attributed to state-affiliated actors stirred international intrigue.
Funke had everything going for her, a budding career and a growing list of endorsement.
However, they are just one of a growing list of organizations pairing dogs with children with autism.
Social media also keeps a record - you can quickly see an established presence and a growing list of followers.
The investment is part of a growing list of companies in the commercial space race.
There's a growing list of male directors who are relative newbies and are placed at the helm of $100m-plus films with little feature experience.

Exemplos de uso para "growing list of" em português

EnglishAnd here is a growing list of our antiangiogenic foods and beverages that we're interested in studying.
E aqui temos a nossa lista de alimentos e bebidas antiangiogénicas que estamos interessados em estudar.
EnglishIt is the latest in a growing list of major financial scandals of various types – in various places – over the last few years.
É o último de uma lista cada vez mais longa de grandes escândalos financeiros de vários tipos - em vários locais - que se deram nos últimos anos.
EnglishThe whole of Europe, except for Belarus, is already on board, and more and more states from all continents are joining an ever-growing list of abolitionist countries.
Toda a Europa, excepto a Bielorrússia, aboliu já a pena de morte, e são cada vez mais os Estados de todos os continentes a juntar-se à lista de países abolicionistas, que é cada vez maior.

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