"growing legion of" tradução em português


"growing legion of" em português

growing legion of
  • crescente legião de
  • legião crescente de

Exemplos de uso para "growing legion of" em inglês

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But the interest piqued by this insanely hoppy heavyweight just goes to show how far the growing legion of hard-core hopheads are willing to go.
It's fantastic to see it coming stateside for the growing legion of undead fans.
Nevertheless, it is an aphorism that the growing legion of super-rich seems to have taken to heart.
The comparisons to the growing legion of late-oughts indie-rock buzz bands ends there, really.
The conduct of the commission, has done nothing to quell concerns fueled by the growing legion of senior personnel who're resigning.
Today, the growing legion of his detractors say he can not get anything right.
A growing legion of citizens in this country does not trust the government.
But a growing legion of lean-limbed folks aren't stuffing themselves at brunch at the end of the weekend.
Her natural style and relevant videos make her popular with a growing legion of fans who appreciate her authenticity.
Tiernan's huge success so far -- he's the biggest comic draw in his country with a growing legion of fans in this one -- can be attributed to his unique approach.

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legion substantivo
of preposição
growing substantivo
growing adjetivo