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"growing inequality" em português

growing inequality
  • crescente desigualdade
  • desigualdade crescente

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Housing, unemployment, growing inequality and other stresses are part of the picture.
It had presided over a stalling economy, growing inequality and an endless housing crisis, he said.
Consequently, in the context of globalisation and the challenge of growing inequality, strengthening of international solidarity is indispensable.
The financial sector doesn't tell the whole story of growing inequality, but it certainly plays a central role.
Foss, the flight attendant, says that economics drive the rapidly growing inequality in air travel.
America's growing inequality is likely to play an important role in this election -- and rightly so.
The bad causes of growing inequality are the ones that undermine both fairness and the future of the country.
This growing inequality in our society does none of us any good.
What we can not sustain is growing inequality, with some households spending dramatically more than they need, while others are barely making ends meet.
High inequality reduces the impact of growth on poverty, and growing inequality is slow to reverse.

Exemplos de uso para "growing inequality" em português

EnglishTaking just these two provinces as an example, we can observe a growing level of social inequality.
Exemplificando apenas com estas duas províncias, podemos observar o agravamento da desigualdade social.
EnglishHowever, inequality is growing just as rapidly.
Todavia, a desigualdade está a crescer com igual rapidez.
EnglishThe fourth problem, which stems from the process of economic transformation, is the growing inequality in society.
O quarto problema, que tem a ver com o processo de transformação económica, é a diferenciação crescente da sociedade.
EnglishIn Scotland and throughout most of the EU, older people face a serious threat of economic insecurity and growing inequality.
Na Escócia e em grande parte da UE, os idosos enfrentam a grave ameaça da insegurança económica e da desigualdade crescente.
EnglishWhat is alarming is that trends are being observed indicating that these disparities are growing, which may increase inequality and lead to isolation.
O que é alarmante é que começam a ser observadas tendências que indicam que estas disparidades estão a aumentar, o que poderá aumentar as desigualdades e levar ao isolamento.

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