"growing impatience" tradução em português


"growing impatience" em português

growing impatience
  • crescente impaciência
  • impaciência crescente

Exemplos de uso para "growing impatience" em inglês

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But these still occur regularly, unleashing raw emotions that highlight a growing impatience with coalition forces' inability to secure the nation.
One thing that comes across clearly in the interviews is a growing impatience with the status quo.
The unrestrained racism behind the calls for the expropriation of the country's wealth including land indicates a growing impatience with the little that remains in our fragmented democratic dispensation.
There is a growing impatience with the lack of competence and delivery in municipalities, as we have seen around the country in recent years.
But decision-makers are now accepting this unpalatable reality and there is a growing impatience for the process to begin in earnest.
The protest is expected to show the public's growing impatience with how the government has addressed the corruption scandal since it was exposed almost a year ago.
And as we'll discover, there is a growing impatience about the unhealthy impacts of pharmaceutical industry influence in medicine, and a growing mood for a major clean up.
Ministers with unrealistic political timetables display growing impatience.
With all hope of finding any survivors essentially extinguished, this has turned to growing impatience with the effort to locate and retrieve the bodies of those trapped.

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