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"growing hostility" em português

growing hostility
  • crescente hostilidade

Exemplos de uso para "growing hostility" em inglês

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Their interventions in these cases led to growing hostility with the local police.
But growing hostility against freedom in our nation, and the increasing use of government to threaten and punish its own citizens, has made it necessary.
Unfortunately, you are in an environment where the economy is down, revenue is constrained, and there is a growing hostility to taxation.
The growing hostility between the two sides springs from fundamental disagreements.
The same group of students met and discussed the growing hostility toward journalists, with students expressing dissatisfaction with some of the coverage of the protest by reporters.
In the present context of growing hostility towards each other, fuelled no doubt by parochial-minded elements, these truths need to be remembered.
A continuation of the status quo will only feed growing hostility towards migrants and feed the public's growing disaffection and sense of vulnerability.
There seems to be growing hostility to the free media but civil society has demonstrated a vigorous willingness to defend media freedom and this space is far from lost.

Exemplos de uso para "growing hostility" em português

EnglishThis is just one of the reasons for the growing hostility to the European Union among its citizens.
Esta é apenas uma das razões da hostilidade crescente dos cidadãos para com a União Europeia.
EnglishThe growing nervousness about - or, we might even say, the growing hostility to - public broadcasters' initiatives on the Internet is disturbing.
É preocupante o crescente nervosismo - dir-se-ia mesmo, a crescente hostilidade - com que são acolhidas as iniciativas dos organismos públicos de radiodifusão na Internet.

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