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"growing grapes" em português

growing grapes
  • cultivo de uvas
  • uvas crescendo

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Growers can take advantage of the perfect conditions for growing grapes.
Interesting choice in a country that is unknown for growing grapes.
It was "on the edge" for growing grapes, with a long growing season and one of the last to harvest.
It's about finding happiness in a land made for growing grapes.
When they purchased the property, they initially imagined growing grapes.
He started growing grapes for wine, for example, and to establish a bee colony to produce organic honey.
In the early 1980s the farm would again change its purpose -- this time it would be used for growing grapes and making wine.
We've grown grapes for thousands of years, and we do it very well, but growing grapes is a tricky art and science.
Because the business of growing grapes and tending vineyards was largely male domain.
They started growing grapes, but had difficulty selling them, so they started making wine.

Exemplos de uso para "growing grapes" em português

EnglishIn a number of Member States, growing grapes constitutes an important economic sector, especially since they are used to produce alcohol.
Em muitos Estados-Membros, a cultura da vinha constitui um sector económico importante, sobretudo porque a partir dela se produz o álcool.

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