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"growing grain" em português

growing grain
  • cultivo de grãos
  • cultivando grãos

Exemplos de uso para "growing grain" em inglês

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Hard lessons they say help them make hard decisions when it comes to growing grain crops.
The dog is a shape that has evolved to a new niche that was created when people switched from hunting and gathering to growing grain.
The new cheap fuel can be harvested in most parts of the world in tremendously large quantities without drilling, mining, or growing grain for ethanol or any other biofuel.
Later, while growing grain with his father and brother, he worked at the feedlot doing whatever needed to be done: hauling bales, riding pens and running the feed mill.
Precious land, water and fertiliser is spent growing grain, 50 per cent of which goes to animals that are inefficient converters of energy.
When humans started growing grain, the crops attracted rodents that attracted cats.
The world has been too good at growing grain over the last year or two.
Land that was previously used for conventional agriculture, has to lie fallow for a year first, or be used for growing grain or leguminosae.

Exemplos de uso para "growing grain" em português

EnglishThe special scheme aimed to preserve traditional legume grain growing areas by means of the aid per hectare arrangement.
O objectivo do regime específico foi dar continuidade às culturas tradicionais de leguminosas para grão através da ajuda por hectare.
EnglishThe scheme was established in 1989 when the growing area of grain legumes was reduced at the expense of corn, which was already suffering from overproduction.
O regime foi criado em 1989, quando a área de cultivo das leguminosas para grão diminuiu à custa dos cereais, cuja produção já na altura era excedentária.

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