"growing emphasis on" tradução em português


"growing emphasis on" em português

growing emphasis on
  • crescente ênfase em

Exemplos de uso para "growing emphasis on" em inglês

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A positive, nurturing trend is the growing emphasis on behavior-based initiatives and programs.
Antimicrobial coating is a direct response to the growing emphasis on hygiene, and bacteria prevention.
He believes the growing emphasis on what are called "soft skills" is in part because of an increasingly complex business environment.
The growing emphasis on delivering a seamless customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints is a priority for modern marketers.
The growing emphasis on martech as well as social and digital will also open up conversations around both brand and cyber security.
The growing emphasis on passenger safety is predicted to bolster the demand for surveillance systems during the forecast period.
The growing emphasis on the carbon footprint of packaging supply and end of life management will prove a compelling competitive advantage for plastic packaging.
Think of the growing emphasis on personal entitlement rather than civic responsibility.
We support the growing emphasis on social protection in the emerging post-2015 sustainable development framework.
But a growing emphasis on community outreach is boosting crime tips.

Exemplos de uso para "growing emphasis on" em português

EnglishThere is a growing emphasis on the need to establish and consolidate a shared European culture and identity.
Há uma ênfase crescente na necessidade de estabelecer e consolidar uma cultura e uma identidade europeias comuns.
EnglishThe growing emphasis of an English-dominated global network information and communications service must not undermine the range of European cultures and languages.
A ênfase crescente de uma rede global de serviços de informação e de comunicações dominada pelo inglês não deve fragilizar o leque de culturas e línguas europeias.

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growing substantivo
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on preposição
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