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"growing doubts" em português

growing doubts
  • dúvidas crescentes
  • crescentes dúvidas

Exemplos de uso para "growing doubts" em inglês

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Now, there are growing doubts, particularly over the two-year timeframe.
Adding fuel to this are growing doubts on the use of monetary policy in developed economies, while macro fundamentals such as growth and inflation indicators are improving in emerging markets.
But, eventually, her growing doubts about the viability of the project drove her to leave.
There are growing doubts over whether the ballot will take place on time.
It had also reinforced the growing doubts on the solidity of opinion polls.
One can also look back and see how numerous smaller events and growing doubts paved the way for these changes.
Definitely still an optimistic emoji, however this hints at growing doubts -- the feeling that they may need some help on this one.
But that initial optimism has given way to growing doubts as the economy struggles to gain traction over 3 years later.
There are growing doubts whether agreement can be reached at that summit.

Exemplos de uso para "growing doubts" em português

EnglishThe adoption of this recommendation will send a good signal to the Americas at a time when doubts are growing about our will to increase European efforts in the region.
A adopção desta recomendação constituirá um sinal positivo para as Américas, num momento em que se questiona a nossa vontade de incrementar o esforço europeu na região.
EnglishEuropeans have growing doubts about the legally binding aspect of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which lacks important references such as protection of the family.
Aumentaram as dúvidas dos europeus sobre o aspecto juridicamente vinculativo da Carta dos Direitos Fundamentais, que não contempla referências importantes como a protecção da família.

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