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"growing discontent" em português

growing discontent
  • crescente descontentamento

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He also wants to silence the growing discontent in the country.
More obstructionism will also feed the growing discontent in the community that governments of either side are incapable of delivering on their promises.
The poll results showed us the growing discontent in medical community regarding it.
About the growing discontent within the country over religious intolerance, many dignitaries over the past few months have returned their awards in protest.
It is also a manifestation of the growing discontent within the regional party.
The narrow, 52.5-47-5pc split, showed the extent of division in the union, and the intervening weeks has seen growing discontent in some quarters.
The lawmakers also said they believed that the wave of protests reflected the growing discontent that minority voices lack representation.
There is a plan and while there might be growing discontent, the coach will be allowed to see his plan through.
Since then, there has been mounting social unrest and growing discontent at the expansion of coal and its impact on health.

Exemplos de uso para "growing discontent" em português

EnglishIran's government has been facing serious challenges recently, creating growing levels of public discontent.
O governo do Irão tem vindo recentemente a enfrentar graves desafios, causando o crescente descontentamento da população.

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