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growing debt
  • dívida crescente

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But faced with growing debt and shrinking funds, many cuts are being made to the nation's health infrastructure, he added.
Chinese policymakers are wrestling with growing debt and property bubbles, while the yuan currency is near eight-year lows.
The result of this increasing deficit spending -- which is financed by borrowing -- is growing debt.
Interest rates keep dropping to compensate for the growing debt, until they can't.
One is reaching a budget objective, which in these days of high deficits and growing debt is a very important objective.
It means the government could end up having to pay higher interest rates to finance our growing debt, which is now estimated at a whopping $14.34trillion.
And there are growing concerns that growth is being propped up by government spending and growing debt - with private investment tumbling to record lows.
China's government has taken a more cautious stance on stimulus since commentary in official media last month warned of the risks of growing debt.
Proceeds from the bond will be used to support the 2015 budget as well as service the country's growing debt.

Exemplos de uso para "growing debt" em português

EnglishIt is a growing debt that has accumulated over the years.
É uma dívida conscientemente acumulada ao longo de anos.
EnglishRising budget deficits in Member States combined with growing debt are the primary macro-economic consequences of the crisis.
O aumento dos défices públicos e o crescimento da dívida dos Estados-Membros são as principais consequências macro-económicas da crise.
EnglishHow, indeed, can essential needs be met when the growing burden of debt continues to condemn every attempt made by these countries to invest in a future?
Com efeito, como podem os PMA assumir a satisfação das necessidades essenciais quando o peso crescente da dívida continua a votar ao insucesso todas as suas tentativas de investimento no futuro?
EnglishAt a time when the EU Member States are fighting massive budget deficits and growing national debt, the European Parliament is choosing to demand more money for the EU.
Num momento em que os Estados-Membros da UE lutam contra défices orçamentais esmagadores e dívidas nacionais crescentes, o Parlamento Europeu opta por exigir mais dinheiro para a UE.

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