"growing corn" tradução em português


"growing corn" em português

growing corn
  • cultivo de milho
  • cultivando milho

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The camp also had extensive collective farm areas for growing corn, potatoes, beans and numerous vegetables, according to the report.
The state offers irrigated leases that have typically been used for growing corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa, hay, potatoes, beans and other crops.
And just like tales of growing corn and raising chickens, it will lead you to a few conversations worth pausing for.
Out back, there's an array of old farm equipment collected during decades of growing corn and soybeans.
Growing corn and other grains for ethanol involves huge quantities of fossil fuels, fertilizers and agricultural pesticides.
That potentially could become devastating, and it's not like when you're growing corn or something when you can just plant again next year.
He's also interested in the impact of growing corn on the emission of greenhouse gases.
These factors have contributed significantly to making growing corn unprofitable to a large section of farmers.
He said acreage could surpass that level once growers become comfortable with the crop and switch to growing corn every two years.?

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