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"growing consumer" em português

growing consumer
  • crescente consumidor
  • consumidor crescente

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Asia is also a growing consumer market, and products must be designed and developed, a role being fulfilled by our other global sites.
The continent needs to catch up with the rest of the world as it faces a growing consumer market.
Furniture manufacturers and retailers are already responding to growing consumer demand, touting "flame-retardant-free" couches.
Natural, free of chemicals, and more controlled products will likely lead to a growing consumer base over the forecast period.
We continue to enhance our service and products to ensure we can effectively meet the growing consumer demand for convenient, digital lending.
With the growing consumer comfort with online purchasing, merchants rolled out e-commerce websites and connected their payment processing systems to the internet.
Nations that are poised to handle the downturn best are those with growing consumer populations.
Demand for organic produce has been mainly driven by growing consumer interest in sustainable food production and rising disposable incomes.
The lyrics were right about growing consumer debt, but wrong about the imminent failure of capital, or of capitalism.

Exemplos de uso para "growing consumer" em português

EnglishNumber two: keeping under review the possibilities for additional spectrum to meet the growing consumer demand for wireless broadband.
Em segundo lugar, há que ir revendo as possibilidades de espectro adicional, de forma a corresponder à procura crescente do consumidor de banda larga sem fios.
EnglishThe Liberal Group considers organic, environmentally acceptable agricultural production, meeting growing consumer demand, to be particularly important.
O grupo liberal considera que a produção agrícola biológica, não prejudicial ao ambiente, é extremamente importante, como forma de responder a uma crescente procura por parte dos consumidores.

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