"growing chorus of" tradução em português


"growing chorus of" em português

growing chorus of
  • coro crescente de

Exemplos de uso para "growing chorus of" em inglês

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A growing chorus of opposition politicians has called on the government to explain the allegations.
A growing chorus of service providers are predicting substantial growth in liquid alternatives.
A growing chorus of voices is warning that that change spells disaster for local waters.
He is facing a growing chorus of opposition not only from critics at home but from abroad as well.
It's an issue that is exciting a growing chorus of complaint nationally.
Meanwhile, a growing chorus of right-wing voices has portrayed him as anti-police.
Now a growing chorus of voices is urging women and other passengers to speak up to stop the violence.
On top of that, there is a growing chorus of free trade advocates who are getting increasingly worried about global trade.
Perel is one in a growing chorus of authors, experts and researchers rethinking how we do monogamy and how we can make it vital.
Superfoods might be the heroes of the healthy-minded cook, but a growing chorus of environmental advocates is sounding off about their potentially destructive ecological consequences.

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