"growing appetite for" tradução em português


"growing appetite for" em português

growing appetite for
  • crescente apetite por

Exemplos de uso para "growing appetite for" em inglês

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A survey of passengers found a growing appetite for booking and paying for taxi journeys through new technology, such as apps.
Forget stodgy takeaways with their built-in guilt factor: clever food entrepreneurs are responding to a growing appetite for deliciously healthy convenience.
I think there is a growing appetite for live experiences.
Little wonder there appears to be a growing appetite for privacy online.
Pinterest recently introduced video ads as it moved to cash in on a growing appetite for videos at the popular online bulletin board.
Rural people have moved up the value chain and are showing a growing appetite for consumer products.
The landmark figure is representative of a growing appetite for live football.
The last reason is a growing appetite for foreign cuisine, which has been made increasingly attainable by the nation's steady economic growth.
There has been a growing appetite for digital content in schools both public and private.
There is a growing appetite for the small shellfish, with a number of chefs showing interest in the product.

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appetite substantivo
growing substantivo
growing adjetivo
for preposição