"growing anxiety" tradução em português


"growing anxiety" em português

growing anxiety
  • crescente ansiedade
  • ansiedade crescente

Exemplos de uso para "growing anxiety" em inglês

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There is a growing anxiety about bushfires in many parts of the country with predictions of higher temperatures and longer heatwaves.
While there is a growing anxiety about old age care, they are also enjoying increasing affluence, as can be seen at airports around the world.
The elite's growing anxiety, however, is beginning to move from the domestic to the international arena.
The falling scores have been attributed to several issues... which school boards have tried to tackle... as well as students' growing anxiety associated with math.
Anecdotally, if you've noticed growing anxiety and chatter amongst your friends and family about homes and vehicles being broken into lately, here's why.
Sufferers experience an intense urge to pull their hair out - and growing anxiety until they do.
The growing anxiety is fueled by pervasive mega corruption and apparent indifference by those we elected to rule over us.
Parks's comments reflect growing anxiety in literary circles that the internet is eroding the status of the serious novel.

Exemplos de uso para "growing anxiety" em português

EnglishWhy is there growing anxiety about the integration of Muslims in Europe?
Onde está a razão desta ansiedade crescente sobre a integração dos muçulmanos na Europa?
EnglishHowever, this episode reveals the growing anxiety in the Western world regarding these emerging cyber weapons.
Por vezes, este episódio mostra a ansiedade crescente do mundo ocidental face à emergência destas armas cibernéticas.

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