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"growing anger" em português

growing anger
  • crescente raiva
  • raiva crescente

Exemplos de uso para "growing anger" em inglês

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It was a small move, but one that reflected a growing anger among the wider population.
There is a growing anger among people being fleeced by autorickshaw drivers daily and having no complaint redressal mechanism.
There is a growing anger among the mass because of the feeling that, the country's wealth is not being shared equitably.
This year - amidst a growing anger among parents and educators that kids are simply taking too many state tests - some districts said enough is enough.
And this leads to the growing anger and resentment over rising inequality in incomes and wealth.
Singh said that this was indicative of the growing anger and concern at the prevalence of drug-related activity in the city.
There's a growing anger about the construction of some of the buildings that collapsed.
Gunfire escalated to match the growing anger of protesters and rebels.
It's hard to ignore the growing anger, even among women who have devoted themselves to spreading a message of love and forgiveness.
The growing anger was articulated in a more ideological form.

Exemplos de uso para "growing anger" em português

English(PL) Madam President, there is growing bitterness and anger in Poland.
(PL) Senhora Presidente, há na Polónia um crescente ressentimento e uma crescente irritação.
EnglishAmongst my East Midlands constituents I sense a growing concern and, indeed, anger against the European project.
Entre os meus constituintes da East Midlands (região centro-leste do Reino Unido) apercebo-me de uma crescente preocupação, de facto, ressentimento contra o projecto europeu.

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