"growing acceptance" tradução em português


"growing acceptance" em português

growing acceptance
  • crescente aceitação
  • aceitação crescente

Exemplos de uso para "growing acceptance" em inglês

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As with the growing acceptance of other legalized vices, sports gambling is ripe for federal oversight and the tax revenues that come with it.
But his subtext and real concern was the growing acceptance of politics as a career in itself, rather than the culmination of one.
Opportunities for this market are tremendous, due to the growing acceptance of western food cultures, higher disposable incomes and advancement in technology.
This growth is driven by the growing acceptance of these biopesticides as a replacement for the chemical pesticides.
This transitional approach toward color shows the growing acceptance of color throughout the year.
Two powerful forces are now colliding: the growing acceptance of cannabinopathic medicine and the proscription against any use of the plant marijuana, medical or non-medical.
We have seen the growing acceptance of modernism which continues to influence and affect our homes and the way we live.
Progress is being made, with clinic visitor numbers up and a growing acceptance of the threat of over-population.
Recently it has been highlighted that there is clearly a growing acceptance of the idea that cannabis should be legal, or decriminalised.
Rising energy costs and a growing acceptance of the concept of climate change make eco-houses both viable and fashionable.

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