"growers planted" tradução em português


"growers planted" em português

growers planted
  • cultivadores plantados
  • produtores plantados

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Growers planted a lot of winter wheat in that area of the province, which is off to a fantastic start.
Idaho growers planted 301,000 acres, up only 1,000 acres from last year.
Growers planted 8.4 million acres of corn and soybeans in the state last year, up two million acres from five years ago.
Growers planted less feed grain in winter-autumn and had low intentions for spring planting.
By 1994, with a 70-cent dollar, growers planted 54,500 acres, beginning a steady climb to an all-time high of 101,500 acres in 2003.
Jones said 50 per cent of trees were under 10 years old, as growers planted new varieties.
That is because growers planted crops in an area that was 28% smaller than in fiscal 2015, owing to the drought.