"grower supply" tradução em português


"grower supply" em português

grower supply
  • fornecimento de produtores
  • oferta de produtores

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Almost all commercial growers supply floral preservatives with fresh flowers.
The grower supplies the garlic in packaging of 1 to five kilos, including flowpack.
Designed to increase supply chain transparency and close the gap between producer and consumer, these stands will link to short videos featuring the growers supplying the fixture.
Growers supply the fresh market, with nothing left over to supply a frozen one, hence the need for imported berries.
The grower supplies supermarkets and is not sure if he will be able to meet the orders.
Some 7000 growers supply produce to the market, there are 4000 workers, and the market has an annual turnover of $1.3 billion.
So, if a kiwifruit grower supplies 10,000 trays of kiwifruit, they would be required to have 10,000 transactor shares, the value of which is set by the board.
The company orchards over 1000 ha of managed or leased orchards with private growers supplying from approximately another 1000 hectares.
They appreciate the quality and flavour of the products our growers supply.
The panel looked at the issues facing both growers supplying the craft beer sector, and the ingredient needs of craft brewers.

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