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"grow wheat" em português

grow wheat
  • cultivar trigo

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Basically, the government was paying them not to grow wheat.
He says it costs around $300 per acre to grow wheat, and a good crop will produce about 60 bushels an acre.
Roughly 200 acres of the farm cultivates oil seed, with the remaining 600 acres used to grow wheat, barley and potatoes.
The farm has now expanded to 10,650 acres to grow wheat, barley, oats, canary, peas, flax, and primarily canola.
The farm is used to grow wheat, soybeans, barley, corn and other crops.
The farmers said they spent an average of 58,000 rupees ($855) per hectare to grow wheat, only to eke out an income of 70,000 rupees.
Poor infrastructure, and a terrain prone to drought and floods, make it hard to grow wheat in large quantities.
They not grow wheat in this village, but also opium.
The party had put in high-profile bike lanes downtown and encouraged residents to grow wheat and keep backyard chickens.
The children coached me on how to make a bed and build a furnace and grow wheat.

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