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"grow the mushroom" em português

grow the mushroom
  • cultivar o cogumelo

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One impressive project was the school where science students were taught to grow mushrooms, which were then harvested and sold to the community, providing additional income for the school.
Sangha said in the traditional method it can take about 45 days to grow mushrooms, but using the new method they can be produced in less than half that time.
He would love to send kits out to schools, and then kids could go visit local cafes, collect coffee waste, and grow mushrooms.
You can squeeze in a green house and along the wall you can build chicken coops, rabbit cages, milk goat pens and grow mushrooms.
Life in the village was very hard, growing mushrooms and fungi.
The group uses bagasse, a waste product of sugarcane, to grow the mushrooms.
We need to be able to grow the mushroom commercially, but shelf life and ship ability are very important as well.

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