"grow the grape" tradução em português


"grow the grape" em português

grow the grape
  • cultivar a uva

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It's already a difficult climate to grow grapes.
Carefully produced from organically grown grapes, this chardonnay delivers exceptional balance and class for a fair price.
He was the first to grow grapes in the valley, because he wanted to be able to make sacramental wine to use for mass.
Our family has grown grapes since 1961 and my dad would never plant anything without having a (buyer) contract in place.
It was becoming less about locally grown grapes and niche wines as much as it became about the winery experience, supporters of the revisions say.
Then the trend to grow grapes with minimal use of pesticides gained ground (no pun intended).
My main area of study is -- is looking at how climate influences growing grapes and making wine.

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