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"grow the grain" em português

grow the grain
  • cultivar o grão

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According to researchers, cooking rice by steaming it exposes consumers to trace amounts of arsenic as a result of toxins and pesticides used to grow the grain.
And it's not just cutting down the rainforest to get land to grow the grain.
Grown at altitude where often the land is steep, fields are terraced to grow the grain.
With the development of the inorganic fertilizer industry, it's possible to grow grain without having animals nearby.
Broadwell's hometown is set on the tree-starved prairie that grows grain and livestock to sustain the nation.
Large areas of carbon dioxide-absorbing forests are cut down to grow grain to feed animals.
Fertile land, for example, is used to grow grain through farms.
Drier fields offer the opportunity for some farmers to grow a grain crop, so they can finish the cattle they have raised rather than send them to feedlots.

Exemplos de uso para "grow the grain" em português

EnglishEuropean agriculture would not, for example, be able to grow bread grain with a high enough protein content for it to be used for making bread.
A agricultura europeia não irá, por exemplo, poder produzir cereais com elevado teor de proteínas, destinados ao fabrico de pão.

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