"grow the flower" tradução em português


"grow the flower" em português

grow the flower
  • crescer a flor
  • cultivar a flor

Exemplos de uso para "grow the flower" em inglês

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People now come here to grow flowers, food, enjoy the wildlife or just sit and enjoy a nice happy place.
Plant tissue from the find was used to grow flowers.
To grow flowers, fruit and vegetables you want the sun and good soil.
Add to that a touch of locavore fervour, as more urbanites take to terraces and fire escapes to grow flowers and herbs in pots.
The people were advised by the chief minister to grow flowers and plants at their houses.
They grew flowers and planted flowers going in through the park.
Apply the new once-and-done plant food specifically formulated for container grown flowers.
It is best to grow flower plants in fertile soil.
One of the popular methods is growing the flowers indoors.

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