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"grow locally" em português

grow locally
  • crescer localmente

Exemplos de uso para "grow locally" em inglês

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As the enterprise market continues to grow locally, businesses require the right technological tools to implement an effective enterprise mobility strategy.
Through our supermarkets, we provide the physical platform for small companies to sell their products, give them exposure and opportunity to grow locally.
We decided to capture events first and continue to grow locally.
What is even more frightening is that majority of the foods we import are foods we grow or have the capacity to grow locally.
People are now living normal lives, where cattle can be fed at home using maize fodder, and pastures they grow locally.
They grow locally, so you can get them from local farmer's markets when they are in season along with supermarkets on occasions.
That strontium signature is transferred from the soil to plants that grow locally, and then on to the creatures that feed on those plants -- in this case early human ancestors.
There are spices, meats and vegetables that grow locally, but also can be brought here from all over the world.
And the free food is not nutritious and doesn't grow locally.
Chesswas was looking forward to seeing the beading community grow locally.

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