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"grow herbs" em português

grow herbs
  • cultivar ervas

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Light floods through large windows that come down and touch the kitchen countertops, including a wide shelf where the owners plan to grow herbs.
Most urban citizens don't have space to grow herbs.
People are getting more aware of the need to grow herbs.
Regarding the introduction of new products, the company has plans to grow herbs, starting with a few types of basil with the opportunity to expand.?
Subbarow how to use recyclable materials to grow herbs.
Thanusri (second left) and other children learning how to use recyclable materials to grow herbs.
It's easy enough to grow herbs and micro-greens here in the summer but not so easy in the winter.
Located on the second floor of the condo, the plots will allow residents to grow herbs and vegetables.
This guide will help you build a self-watering water bottle container to grow herbs in.

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