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"grow hair" em português

grow hair
  • crescer o cabelo
  • crescer cabelo

Exemplos de uso para "grow hair" em inglês

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It stunts their physical height, inhibits their ability to move and affects their ability to grow hair.
These immune cells then secrete signalling molecules which communicate to both plucked and unplucked follicles telling them that it's time to grow hair.
This condition causes your hairline to thin to a point where your follicles cease to grow hair.
Your body needs a lot of energy, healthy diet, nutrients, carbohydrates and protein to grow hair.
Are we now to expect celebrations because he can tie his shoe laces or that he can grow hair.
They will not be allowed to grow hair and beard and perform duties without footwear.
Two of the most popular topics within online communities for naturals are how to grow hair and how to style it.
He performs hair transplants as a last resort, when follicles, the organs that grow hair, can not be resuscitated.
Massaging is one of the simplest home remedies you can do with amla oil and grow hair naturally.

Exemplos de uso para "grow hair" em português

EnglishI said, "What happens when I grow older and my hair becomes white? What would happen then?"
Eu disse, "O que acontece quando eu ficar mais velho e os meus pêlos ficarem brancos?
EnglishSong: ♫ We've got the Mop Tops, the Play-Doh Mop Tops ♫ ♫ Just turn the chair and grow Play-Doh hair ♫ ♫ They're the Mop Tops ♫ Thomas Heatherwick: Okay, you get the idea.
Canção: ♫ Temos o Mop Tops, o Play-Doh Mop Tops ♫ ♫ Basta a cadeira virar e o cabelo Play-Doh crescer ♫ ♫ São os Mop Tops ♫ Thomas Heatherwick: Muito bem, apanharam a ideia.

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hair substantivo
fuzzy hair substantivo
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animal hair substantivo
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fair hair substantivo
not to turn a hair
black hair substantivo
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